Currently we have many questions about Deep Insert Skimmer.

Let us answer some most popular questions here:

Q: Where Deep Insert Skimmer get power supply?

A: Many people can`t figure out difference with Deep Insert Skimmer and ATK Shimmer.

Deep insert skimmer take power supply from 3.7v Battery that is attached to skimmer. It needs more power because it read Magnetic cards, not Chipo cards. Difference between EMV Shimmer and Deep insert skimmer is:

EMV Shimmer read credit cards Chip info.

Deep Insert Skimmer read Credit cards Magnetic stripe tracks.

Q: Can I use deep insert skimmer on all ATM`s? It is universal device?

A: Several models of Deep Insert skimmer is made for specific ATM`s like NCR “Self Serv” it have longer way to magnetic head and for it you must use “Long deep insert skimmer”.

Most os standard ATM`s like Wincor Nixdorf, NCR, Diebold and triton card “slot” is same so there you can use Standard “Deep Insert Skimmer”

Q: I newer used Deep Insert Skimmer, how do I know which one I need?

A: Please if you willing purchase Deep Insert Skimmer and newer worked with it send us picture of ATM`s in your Area and we will help you choose right skimmer.

Q: What comes with skimmer? What is in package? MSR with Blank cards is included?

A: With skimmer comes: * Users Manual; Insert – Remove Tool; Data Cables; Software.

** If You need MSR Reader/Writer it costs 215$ Extra to your order.

*** All prices is with Delivery included. If you choose pick up skimmer in person and pay with Cash we give 50-100$ off from total amount because we save on Delivery.

Q: Do you have Deep Insert skimmer that reads CHIP – EMV Smart cards?

A: None of Deep Insert Skimmers can collect Chip info.If you wannt skimmer that reads Chip cards, you must purchase EMV Shimmer – link here:


GSM Data Receiver: link here:

Q: Where are you located? Where you ship from?

A: We are located in Moscow, Russia and all our products is shipped from here. We offer Worldwide Delivery by DHL and usually it takes 2-5 Working Days. Also we can meet in Moscow and you can pick up Skimmer by yourself and pay in Cash.

Q: What payment Method do you accept? Can you take PayPal,MoneyGram or Western Union?

A; Previously we accepted PayPal, and MoneyGram, but we do not take them anymore, Especially PayPal. For Following online purchases we accept only Bitcoin with no exceptions. If you come and meet us in person we accept: Bitcoin, Russian Ruble, US Dollars, Euro.

Deep Insert Skimmer

It should be noted that if You have any other question or you would like place order please contact us via e-mail:

[email protected]

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