ATM SKIMMER – GSM DATA RECEIVER – gas pump skimmer what is best?

ATM SKIMMER – GSM DATA RECEIVER – gas pump skimmer what is best?

Many buyers are asking us similar question – what is best skimmer to get tracks and pin?

There is no best option that fits foreverybody.

What fits for you depends of your plans. If you have access or you work in GAS Pump station than gas pump skimmer is best for you, if you run some store or work there than probably POS Skimmer is best option!

If you are people from side than best option and also our bestseller is GSM DATA RECEIVER.


GSM Data Receiver is most popular product because it works Wirelessly and you can always hide it somewhere near, like in Car on street or hide it in bag.
Using GSM RECEIVER you can get data from most POS and ATM`s.

Also very popular question is “How GSM data receiver works?”
And Answer is very simple – it is programmed to connect POS/ATM network trough programming bridge, using ATM/POS Maintenance mode.

GSM Data Receiver can see Magnetic and Chip reader plus keyboard and read them as keylogger, all data that goes trough ATM or POS will be stored in GSM data receiver and you are able to Download them.

Price for GSM data receiver with Base antenna starts from 1900$ with delivery included.Package contains: Users Manual, Data cables, Software and antenna.

To place order contact us by e-mail:

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We are here to help you choose best.

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