ATM Skimmer for sale scam! ATM Skimmer rippers.

ATM Skimmer for sale scam! ATM Skimmer rippers.

Small update how to avoid scam. Many scammers use this field to steal money from people. We every day receive messages from people who are ripped. GSM Data Receiver is most popular product used by scammers who actually take money and never send. We will tell you how it usually happens.
Some customer message us in e-mail or live support. They send us link where somebody are selling GSM Data Receiver for price as low as 900, 500 or even 300$. They put adverts as “big discount” we alsways explain that is could be scam and probably you will never receive thing you paid for.

There is simple math, market price for GSM Data Receiver is around 2000$ +_ few hundreds. Some resellers selling them even for couple thousands that we think is overpriced. Anyway, GSM Data Receiver have speci liquid cristal chip which is mads in china by special request and self cost is aroun 1000% + job, + materials, + charging chip + time. So GSM Data Receiver can`t be sold for cheap.
Just imagine you are browsing instagram and see add where is website that offers latest iphone for 300$. For sure you understand that is fake scam, same with GSM Data Receiver. This product have market price and can`t be cheap. And for sure many our customers are burned even after we warned them, they try to burchase “cheap one” waste around month and money. Before you order something from somebody, ask them show skimmer, shop video with your name on label next to prduct, ask add todays date, to be sure skimmer is on hands. Many scammers contact us as buyers, ask many specific questions, ask video proof of skimmers we send video and they do 1000 screenshots of skimmer and put them on their website. Be careful, don`t waste money and time. we are professionals, find us in Instagram, Telegram we have live supoport in our website. Just send us email and we are happy to answer any questions.

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