ATM Skimming and lockdown

ATM Skimming and lockdown

Roads are without traffic here in Moscow, that is good, but in same time many new customers are stuck because of lockdown.

Around 70% of new customers choose option fly to Moscow and meet us in person for first time order, at the moment we must wait, but our president Vladimir Putin extended quarantine time until 30 April. But nobody knows is that actual end of quarantine. Many our customers is from EU, Saudi Arabia, US. And there situation is much worse than here in Russia. We are working as usually, post offices are working, DHL are working, and we keep meet in person, many of our customers have friends here in Russia who can pick up and ship skimmers to them. This quarantine time is probably best time in World for skimming because all governments spend their resources to fight with corona virus and for us this is probably best time ever. So be healthy and if would like something to order from us, just contact us via e-mail. And my partner Yaroslav will help find best skimmer for you!



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