Credit card skimmer – jitter killer

Credit card skimmer – jitter killer

ATM Technologies nowdays are build to minimize risks, but also they can`t do anything to protect ATM from te GSM Data Receiver Attacks.

That means currently most effective Credit Card Skimmer is GSM Data Receiver. We offering most popular and newest product: V22.3.4 LTE Model with upgraded Antenna.
That means skimmer can work up to 300 Meters radius, and store Credit card details from ATM and POS terminals.

Here you can take a look of actual GSM Data Receiver. Many fake vendors and rippers try to build Replicas and GSM data receiver visual copies, to show them potential buyers and steal their money. You are Welcome toi take a look of our product more detailed.

So you can see where and what is connected.

Here you are able to see what is inside of GSM data receiver and how it is built.

To avoid being scammed you must understand how skimmer looks like. Here we add picture of how to spot one of tricks that made scammers, they just take off panel from standard TP Link USB WiFi Receiver and calling it GSM data receiver. Here you can see sample.

Result is very similar to original GSM Data Receiver but if you know how looks original one you will never fall with this.

Be smart, don`t waste time with people that are trying to steal your money. Scammers are angry that our company selling GSM Data receivers for years, they call us scammers and fake, But we do not worry about that, we have Physical office in Moscow, Russia where you can come test product and pay in cash. Here selling products like this is legal, illegal is use them so no worries, our office is running every working Day from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM local time

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