Delivery time can be up to 15 days. #COVID19

Delivery time can be up to 15 days. #COVID19

Hello to all existing and potential customers. We would like to inform you about temporary delivery time incrasing because of coronavirus. At the moment in EU, USA andin many places borders are closed everything happening two times slower.

Because of that we change delivery time from 1 – 7 days to 3-15 until situation will be stabilizing again. Many customers who is ordering from us start panic when package goes a bit longer, telling us we are ripped them off etc. But chearly we both could see where package is located by tracking number, but people are different and we understand that. We also contacted all our custiomers whos packages are traweling to them right now, by private message and posting this information here for future customers. Stay healty and make money. By the way in our industry this is very good time, people are worrying about hands washing and toilet paper reserves and do not have time to be careful with payments.

Peace my friends and message us if need something.

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