Our company is starting sell EMV Shimmers. It is ATM/POS skimmer that store in internal memory chip credit/debit card data.

Item specifiction
EMV Skimmer Is able to collect track 1-2-3 + PIN CODE . EMV Skimmer is Able to collect SDA (Static) DDA (Dynamic).  EMV Skimmer is able to Store 5000 Card Data.  EMV Skimmer Will work on Any POS,Gas Station,Self Buy Train Tiket in train station and Also ATM but only The NCR Green apple and Diebloud.  EMV Skimmer Is working in any Country in The World.  EMV Skimmer Is very easy to install,the POS/ATM/Gas Station/Train Ticket Machine will act like normal. The EMV Skimmer is invisible to any Costumer,it is very easy to collect the data simple insert the special card That is Provide with the EMV Skimmer and the data will automatically be download from the EMV Skimmer to the Special card,and it will be remove from the EMV Skimmer Memory.  To place the EMV Skimmer in the POS/ATM/Gas Station/Train Ticket Machine Simple place a Credit card over the EMV Skimmer and insert it inside and pull out the card the foil will stay inside. The Track 1-2-3 + PIN is collected directly from the EMV Chip From the Credit/Debit Card.  You will get 1 EMV Skimmer + One Special Card to collect the data + 1 Software to download The Data from The special card to your pc,The Data will be in .HEX,and 1 Software to convert the .HEX data to Plain .TXT. 

Price for EMV Shimmer is starting from 1600$ and we ship all our products Worldwide using DHL Express delivery.

To place order or ask question contact us by e-mail: online.skimmer@yandex.com

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