$1900 GSM Data Receiver

$1900 GSM Data Receiver

Our company is offerning latest technology ATM / POS Skimmer for sale.GSM Data Receiver if first skimmer that could store tracks and PIN Code by distance. You don`t need to touch ATM. You can leave skimmer up to 50 meters away from ATM or POS in your car or bag. Just keep skimmer near from ATM or POS and it will receive and store tracks with pin. Skimmer is manufactured in Russia and technology come from China, Our partners developed technology, because they have access to ATM`s and POS terminals, they everyday job is making audits and testing banking systems and their security. Only in that way is possible to get all information and access points to an ATM.

We are offering ready – customer friendly ATM Skimmer – GSM Data Receiver. For price of 1900$ We are located in Moscow, Russia. All our products can be delivered from here using courier services like DHL and delivery Worldwide takes 2-5 days. All ourproducts come with users manual. software, emv software and necessary cables and chargers.

More info about GSM Data Receiver you can find here: https://atmskimmer.net/gsm-receiver/

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