Most popular ATM Skimmers in 2019

Most popular ATM Skimmers in 2019

We can oficially tell you that most popular ATM and POS Skimmer in 2019 year is GSM Data Receiver.

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GSM Data Receiver is most sold and popular skimmer because it do all job wirelesslyand there is not necessary to put any equipment on ATM or POS. Skimmer connect to ATM or POS Network and use ATM`s or POS original reading head and software as skimmer and while ATM send data to bank server skimmer will stay in middle and receive tracks + pin code and store to their own memory.

2nd most populars ATM Skimmer is EMV Shimmer.

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EMV Shimmer must be placed inside on ATM`s or POS card slot. It stays there all time and store tracks + PIN im built in memory. Data is available download by distance using Bluetooth technology or using special card who allow store data to it.

Third most popular ATM Skimmer is – Deep Insert: Here is product link:

Deep insert skimmer is Magnetic Stripe skimmer that must be placed inside in card reader. That means skimmer stays inside all time while working and later after work it must be removed using special inert/remove tool, after that it must be connected to laptop and tracks can be downloaded using data cable and special software.

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