SCAM, RIPPER AND FAKE – atm skimmer – gsm data receiver

SCAM, RIPPER AND FAKE – atm skimmer – gsm data receiver

Here we will explain you more info about GSM data receiver. Before Customer place order he usually ask several questions about GSM data receiver and one of that is: “Can You show Video how it Works” and Also one more thing that potential Buyes told is “Guy from website show me Video and I saw video how skimmer works and how software looks like.

Customer will told us “That guy showed me video and also ripped me off”

Than why you ask us made video, there is not reason of that, Rippers usually made fake videos, where they are showing how “GSM Receiver” connects to ATM and store data. They have well designed fake software where is Ingenico, NCR and many other ATM and POS company logos on them


Scammers use simple devices, bring ourt chip and calling it “GSM DATA RECEIVER- ATM Skimmer”

Here You can see example:

Above all They use TP Link Wireless WIFI usb Dongle.

Today we received pictures from our Customer with device that he received from Scammers:

This is New Trend of Fake skimmers, where scammers use RC832 Video Camera receiver, they remove Shell and call it GSM data receiver.takea look and always do Your own Research.

Here Pictures of fake GSM Data Receiver:

Here you can see Youtube Video about that what actually is this device:

RC832 Is cheap 10$ Video signal receiver for Cameras, Copters, RC Machines. Scammers buy this devices and made fake videos where they “Do Skimming”

Please Be Smart and don`t trust anybody, do research, if you feel something is Wrong, purchase products only in Person, test product and Pay in cash.

We have only original GSM Data receiver for sale, you can find description of product here:


If You have any questions please contact us via email:

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